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Smoking Brisket | BBQ Brisket Instructions | New Brisket Boat

Looking how to make a brisket in a fail safe way? Here is a NEW technique to smoking your next Brisket. Using this technique, the flat is just as juicy as the point at the end. Intrigued? So was I, and the reason why I partnered with @PitmastersChoicePellets in making this recipe tutorial. Here is a step by step BBQ Brisket Instructions on smoking brisket.


Using my Titan Forge boning knife and 8" chefs knife, I began to prep and trim my brisket. When smoking brisket, you want to ensure that its areo dynamic. Meaning smoke rolls right over the whole brisket. No sharp edges as BBQ brisket instructions always say. I usually start with the fat bottom side and remove all fat except 1/4". Then with the top side, I remove all silver skin and large hard fat masses. You can leave some soft fats as they will render down while cooking.

Starting off with a thin coat of mustard for a binder for my rub to stick to. I used a course simple beef rub from @QueenOfTheGrill but you can use (salt, pepper, garlic powder). Evenly coating the whole brisket front to back. My BBQ Brisket instructions are to remove from fridge, prep, and place directly on the grill. Beef takes smoke on well while a little cold.

THE COOK I started this cook before I went to bed around 9pm. Topped up my hopper with Pitmasters Choice Pellets gourmet blend. Preheated my smoker to 195 degrees and placed the brisket directly on the grill. I also placed a water pan on the grill as well for extra moisture during the night (this is optional). When you wake up, it should be have an internal temperature around 165 degrees. At this time it is ready to a wrap.

Now for this NEW TECHNIQUE by Pitmasters Choice Pellets, your brisket should be wrapped in butcher paper AND make a foil boat for it to sit in. This traps all liquid within itself and almost braises the beef. The flat was just as juicy as the point. Once wrapped and the boat is made, turn up your smoker to 250 degrees and place back onto the grill.

Your looking for an internal temperature of 205 degrees now. Once this temperature is reached, wrap the whole thing (butcher paper and boat) in a large towel, and place in a cooler. Let rest for a minimum of 2 hours. The longer it rests, the better.


BBQ Brisket Instructions also means you need to know how to properly slice your smoked brisket or else this 15 hours cook will all go wrong if not sliced correctly. A full brisket consists of two overlapping muscles called "The Flat" and "The Point" which makes slicing a brisket a little difficult at first, but is really simple. With your cutting board and knife on hand, your ready to start slicing. I like using a slightly serrated knife.

  1. Slice your brisket right in half. This separates the flat from the point.

  2. When slicing the flat, slice against the grain.

  3. When slicing the point, you want to turn 90 degrees and slice against the grain.

  4. If you want burnt ends (the crispy, heavy bark, pieces) closer to flat end, cut in 1" chunks.


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04 ต.ค. 2563

Thanks Kara for the post. Question by putting the brisket in the boat dose the bark get soft? Love the great SMILE!


Thanks Kara, I enjoy your features, good stuff!

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