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Big Mac Pizza Recipe | Sourdough Pizza Recipe | Big Mac Sauce Recipe


Sourdough Start (Atlas Steel Co. has a great Dehydrated Sourdough Starter)

Baking Steel / Baking Stone / Cast Iron (anyone will do)

Pellet Grill (I used my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier)

Sourdough pizza recipe.  Big Mac Pizza Recipe.

Big Mac Sauce Recipe.  Big Mac Pizza Recipe.


PREP TIME: 10 Hours

COOK TIME: 10 Minutes

GRILL TEMP: 500+ Degrees

MAKES: 4 Pizzas


Marble Cheese (1/4 cup per pizza / 1 cup)

Big Mac Sauce (2 Tbsp per pizza)

Pickles (4 sliced)

Ground Beef (2 Tbsp per pizza)

Sourdough Pizza

Sourdough Starter (100g)

Salt (10g)

Water (375g)

Flour (500g)

Big Mac Sauce

Mayo (1 cup)

Lemon Juice (1 tsp)

Paprika (1 tsp)

Mustard (1/4 cup)

Salt (1/4 tsp)

Ketchup (2 Tbsp)

Relish (2 Tbsp)

Ground Beef (1/4 cup)

Cheddar Cheese (2 Tbsp)


Sourdough Pizza Recipe

First, prepare your sourdough pizza dough. I highly recommend using a kitchen scale for this recipe. If you're new to sourdough, I recommend getting a dehydrated sourdough starter from Atlas Steel Co. It's easy to use and yields a delicious pizza.

You'll need an active sourdough starter for this sourdough pizza recipe. Using your kitchen scale and a large bowl combine your 100g of starter, 10g of salt, and 375g of water and mix together. You will have some chunks of sourdough starter and that is ok. Next, add your 500g of flour. I used unbleached all-purpose but you can use your preferred flour of choice. Mix until it seems you have a thick sticky dough. Cover and let sit for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, do the 4 fold technique (folding 4 corners into itself) and cover the bowl. You can use plastic wrap or a kitchen towel. Do this 4 fold process 4 more times every 30 minutes. This strengthens your sourdough pizza dough. After your final fold, cover your bowl and let rise double in size. Depending on the temperature of your home and environment, this takes approximately 4 hours.

Next, Form 4 sourdough pizza doughs. Coat your counter space generously with flour. Coat your sourdough also in flour. Divide the large dough into 4 equal pieces. Form each dough by gently folding it into a ball shape (see video). You do not want to overwork this dough, be gentle, trying to harness the air that has been created in the dough. That is the key to a great sourdough pizza recipe, getting those delicious air bubbles. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 6 hours but can stay in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Big Mac Sauce Recipe

Next, you want to prepare your big mac sauce. This will be the base of your big mac pizza recipe instead of the traditional red tomato sauce. In a small bowl add all the big mac sauce ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Big Mac Pizza Recipe

Finally, it is time to create your big mac pizza recipe. Let's put it all together. Preheat your pellet grill with your baking steel / baking stone / cast iron on it. Make sure that your sourdough pizza is out of the fridge and at room temperature (2-4 hours on the counter). Using lots of flour, stretch your pizza dough by letting it hang from itself. Using a circular motion to create a circle pizza pie.

Now top your big mac pizza by spreading 2 Tbsp of Big Mac Sauce evenly. Next add your marble cheese, ground beef, and pickles evenly. Place your pizza onto the baking dish of your choice onto it and fire roast grill your pizza for 10 minutes. Let cool for a couple of minutes before slicing.


Big Mac Pizza Recipe.  Big Mac Sauce Recipe.  Sourdough pizza recipe

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