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#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway. 12 Days of Grill-Aways with @ScaleAndTailor

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway. Tis’ the season to bring Joy and spread Holiday cheer. 12 Days of Grill-aways! Let's get together with our families, get creative, and #DeckTheGrill !! This year absolutely anyone can enter. All you have to do is decorate your grill or oven for unlimited chances to win 12 Days of Grill-Aways. Lets make #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway the most epic year. See below for contest prizes, details, and rules.


#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.24.23 @PitbossGrills SPORTSMAN 820 PELLET GRILL CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Last Day of #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway with this amazing prize. Our sponsor Pit Boss Grills have contributed their Sportsman 820 pellet grill. I want to thank them for their continuous support and have made this holiday a tradition for 3 years now.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.23.23 @Roto-Q360 FAMILY BUNDLE (Black Model) CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Second last day of #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway with this amazing prize from Roto-Q 360. In this bundle you will get the rotisserie and all attachments. It is one of my favorite bundles of them and will get you spinning anything you can think of.


Our grand prizes have begin rotisserie thanks to Roto-Q 360. They have provided #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway with this prize of a grill and rotisserie. It is a great way to rotisserie if you do not have a grill, or want a portable grill to take with you anywhere.jj

Roto-Q has provided us with our first cash prize of #DeckTheGrill. Do not need a new grill? That is ok, we all need some extra cash this time of year. Thank you Roto-Q 360 for making #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway so fun this year.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.20.23 @BBQAidTools Prize Pack. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS This amazing Backyard BBQ set bundle. Grill like a pro with our spatula, fork and tongs, which pair perfectly with a freshly seasoned cast iron, using our cast iron wax. When you're done, cleaning up is simple thanks to our award winning grill brush and scraper, incredible chainmail dishcloth for pots and pans, and the one of a kind silicone combo scrubber.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.19.23 @TheMeatSwadl MEAT SWADLE & HAT CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS The Best and Only way to rest your meat! Leave the coolers for your drinks and your towels for the showers! The Meat Swadl is extremely versitile and takes up very little space to store your hot and rested products. #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway you can now win one. Get yours Today!

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.18.23 @PitBossGrills 3 PIECE GRILLING SET CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS One of my favorite grilling accessories thats all in one fun. Thanks to them for #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway for the three piece grilling set from Pit Boss Grills is amazing

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.17.23 @TheSmokeSheet 2 online subscriptions (two winners) CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

The Smoke Sheet is a weekly newsletter publication that curates the latest national barbecue news, unique recipes, media recommendations, upcoming events, and more. The newsletter was founded by Sean Ludwig (NYC BBQ) and Ryan Cooper (BBQ Tourist) in 2018. Both Sean and Ryan have been traveling across the country trying the best barbecue for years and regularly write about various restaurants, news, and events in the newsletter.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.16.23 @Tom's Ridickuous Things Beer Can Holders x3 (three winners) CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Grill or cook your chicken with TONS of fun with these beer can holders from Tom's Ridiculous Things. #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway, they are giving away three beer can holders that are always a party favorite.

Dec.15.23 @Tom's Ridickulous Things Roasting Sticks x2

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS These fun roasting sticks will have all your friends laughing while over the bon fire. Check out these fun roasting sticks from Tom's Ridiculous Things.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.14.23 @PeaceRiverHoney GIFT BUNDLE: HOT HONEY LINE of 3 CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Is there anything better than Hot Honey? I will wait. This popular addition to any meal, these hot honeys from Peace River Honey will be perfect. Hot, Pineapple Jalapeno, or Bourbon Hot is what you will be receiving, now how to choose which one you'll try first.

#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.13.23 @BittyBigQ foldable grill. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


#DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway

Dec.12.23 @WellingtonBrewery $50 GIFT CARD CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Our very first prize giveaway away is some swag from their site. A $50 gift certificate for the best brew swag.


1. Follow @scaleandtailor and ALL sponsors above.

2. Get creative and decorate your grill (winners are randomly picked not on how well it's done)

3. Must Tag @scaleandtailor and use the #DeckTheGrill hashtag in your post.


1 entry - #DeckTheGrill in your stories (tag @ScaleAndTailor for resharing)

2 entries - #DeckTheGrill on your profile.

3 entries - #DeckTheGrill BOTH your story and feed.


*Open to ANY GRILL OR OVEN (if you don't have a grill, decorate your oven)

*Contest open to Canada and US 48 residents only.

*Contest runs until December 23, 2021 (you can decorate and post up until Dec 23rd)

*One winner will be chosen at random, daily starting Dec 13, 2021 - Dec 24, 2021. You can enter up until Dec.23.21 but once the winner has been chosen for that day you are not eligible for that prize.

*Must follow ALL accounts and “How to enter” rules to be eligible.

*This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Instagram.

**Disclaimer: Do NOT turn your grill on with decorations. Fire hazard


Q: When can I start entering and decorating?

A: NOW! From December 1 - 23rd you can enter.

Q: What platform can I post on?

A: You can post on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok (you can also use their story features). Do not forget to tag me so I can enter you in!

Q: Do I have to have a public profile to enter?

A: Of course not. If you have a private profile, make sure to tag @ScaleAndTailor so I can see it. **I will not share this to my public profile (unless you give me permission) for your privacy.

Q: What If I do not celebrate Christmas?

A: Decorate with whatever holiday you do celebrate!! It is about getting the family together and the BBQ community.

Q: I do not have a grill, but I want to enter.

A: YAY!! Decorate your oven or a chance to win a grill and 12 other grill-aways.

GOING TO DECKTHEGRILL? Copy and paste the sponsors to your post for more exposure

WANT TO SEE PREVIOUS YEARS of #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway





I just want to take a second to thank ALL of the sponsors for making this giveaway possible. This project takes a lot of time and energy but it is my way of giving back to my BBQ community. #DeckTheGrill Ultimate Grilling Giveaway brings friends and family together, get in the holiday spirit, all in the name of BBQ. Let's get together and #DeckTheGrill

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