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Smoked Air Fryer Wings | Smoked Chicken Wings | BBQ Chicken Wings

My husband and I have been on a mission to make THE CRISPIEST WINGS EVER! and boy have I won him over with these smoked air fryer wings. Getting that amazing flavour of smoked chicken wings combined with finishing them off by using the air fryer - WOWERS. BBQ Chicken wings to the next level for sure.


I've always loved smoked chicken wings on its own, but blast it with the air fryer and these bbq chicken wings are by far my new favourite way to do wings. We all want that deep fried look and taste but without the calories and unwanted health benefits. Smoked Air Fryer Wings to the rescue.


Air fryer chicken wings always obtain that fried taste and look. It is a classic air fryer recipe that everyone loves. The marriage of bbq smoked chicken wings and air fryer wings - one you'll never stop making.


Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Smoke Time: 30 Minutes

Air Fryer Time: 10 Minutes

TOTAL: 45 Minutes


Chicken Wings - 6 to 10 wings

Olive Oil - 2 Tbsp

Poultry Rub - 1 1/2 Tbsp


Pellet Smoker - (I used my Louisiana Grills Founders Series 1200)

Pellets - (I used Apple Blend Pellets by Louisiana Grills) Air Fryer - (I used my Living Basics Air Fryer from ShoppersPlusCanada)


Preheat your pellet smoker to 325 degrees. You want to give these wings a good smoke bath before crisping them up in your air fryer. Today, I'm using my Louisiana Grills Founders Series 1200 for this cook.

Prepare your wings by drying them with a paper towel. Coat them in your favorite poultry seasoning. I'm using Louisiana Grills - Sweet Heat but you even use a simple salt, pepper, garlic seasoning if you do not have it.

Place your wings directly on the grill OR your favourite grill grate, and place in your pellet smoker for 30 minutes. You want a good smoke base on them and approximately an internal temperature of 165 degrees before transferring to the air fryer.

Transfer your smoked chicken wings directly from your smoker to your air fryer. Turn on your air fryer, use manual mode to turn it on to 425 degrees and let fry for 15 minutes. Either eat immediate or toss in your favourite bbq sauce.

PRO TIP: Don't toss your wings in sauce - Mop your wings with sauce with a brush or mop. With an internal temperature of 180 or over degrees, if your toss your smoked chicken wings, they could easily fall apart. Rather have that happen in your mouth :P and I are showing you all QUICK and EASY CHICKEN recipes this month to get you prepared for back to school and back to routine. Canadian chicken has always been my go-to easy week night meal. Its nutrious and quick. If you checked for that Raised by Canadian Chicken Farmers Logo - then you know you have quality on your table.

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Smoked Air Fryer Wings. BBQ Chicken Wings. Smoked Chicken Wings


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