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Smoked Beer Can Chicken | Beer Can Chicken Holder | Beer Can Smoked Chicken

There truly isn't a more juicier way to eat chicken then with beer can smoked chicken. The slow release of steam from your favorite brew, creates a perfectly juicy smoked beer can chicken. So grab your favorite beer can chicken holder, your favorite rub for your chicken, and lets get to work on this smoked beer can chicken.


  1. Beer Can Chicken Holder (I used Toms Ridickulous Things)

  2. An Pellet Smoker (I used my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200)

  3. Beer (3/4 full, any type)

  4. Rub (I used Louisiana Grills Sweet Heat)

  5. Pellets (I used Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets "ScaleAndTailor10" for 10% off)

I got to rave about Toms Ridickulous Things Beer Can Stands. Right off the bat they are FUN. They have fun designs such as, "Biker Chick" and "Rooster Love" to get the whole family giggling. There is no better way to do a smoked beer can chicken than with this beer can chicken holders. They are SO FUN, sturdy, and clean up easy.

The reason I love doing smoked beer can chicken is because of how juicy and moist your chicken ends up. It is almost fail proof. Making my kids and family laugh with this beer can chicken holder was just bonus. I was singing the theme song to "Sons of Anarchy" as it was on the grill.

DIRECTIONS: Preheat your smoker to 300 degrees. Remove (or drink) about 1/4 the beer from your can. Place it in your beer can chicken holder. Coat your chicken with your preferred rub. I used "Sweet Heat" from Louisiana Grills.

Place your chicken on your beer can chicken holder. Because, Toms Ridickulous Things beer can chicken holder is so fun, I attached the wings to the handle bars and legs to the wheels. If your worried about the wings burning, wrap them in tin foil.

Smoked beer can chicken is always done by internal temperature. As an estimate you can expect this bird to be done between 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes depending how large your bird is.


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