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Cho Choo, I Thank You.

It was about a month and a half before Christmas when my son saw his first Thomas & Friends Adventure episode. That was the day he began saying, "Cho Choo" all day, every day. Dancing and stomping his little 21 month old little feet, "Their two, their four, their six, their 8...shunting cars and pulling and green and brown and blue, their the really useful crew". He was hooked. I often joke with my husband, how many hours a day do you think he actually plays with his trains? I want to say 4? Is that bad? His obsession is real you guys. He is so sweet and independent yet the type of kid who has to be close to me at all times, bringing his trains where ever we go. Doing Laundry, trains. Making Dinner, yes I can stick my them on the microwave, trains. Working on ScaleAndTailor, trains. I appreciate Thomas & Friends for the bits of sanity throughout the day. Cho Choo, I Thank You. Percy, #6, The Green Steamy Engine that delivers mail was his first train, and confirmed this was his thing. With just a whisper to my family, a month later and one failed attempt to buy one with him for his birthday, he now has a magnetic solid wood collection of 5. Thomas - Blue - #1 Percy - Green #6 James - Red - #5 Rosie - Purple - #37 Victor - Red - No # How great is this? This can be use it as a learning aid. Names, Colours, Numbers, Sorting. Taking his lead and applying it. And that we did. First learning each trains colour and number. Then he began placing his trains on a correct coloured paint swabs. Even all his books are Thomas now, learning numbers and opposites from these. I often hear him saying, "one, two, three" counting his trains in his adorable toddler accent. The endless possibilities with these numbered coloured little pieces of wonder wood. I cherish every moment with him. That I get to be home with him 6/7 days. Every new colour and every new number. The monumental milestones as his little brain starts to take in everything around him. Be happy, be grateful, be patient, be kind because you we are shaping these little minds into great big people.


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