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Portuguese Parisienne Potatoes

"Soft, moist, delicious. Every bite was like a little bite of heaven". I asked my husband to help me caption these potatoes and this is exactly what he came up with. I didn't plan on sharing this recipe, but from all the response I got from last nights stories, I had scrounge up the last 5 left over potatoes and get a semi good picture to share with y'all.

Portuguese Potatoes


- Canned Potatoes (Whole, two cans)

- Olive Oil (1/4 cup) - Paprika (1 1/2 Tbsp)

- Garlic Salt (1 Tbsp)


1. Drain and rinse potatoes. Put in large zip lock bag. Add olive oil, paprika, and garlic salt. Mix thoroughly and marinade for approximately 4-8 hours.

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