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Chicken Sushi Stacks | Sushi Stack Recipe | Recipes

What to impress your family with a cool-down summer delight? Try these Chicken Sushi Stacks that are layered with fun. These are my recipes of the month that will sure to satisfy. Come with me as I show you this easy sushi stack recipe.

Ensuring that I provide my family with quality local meat has always been something I've been passionate about. It is the reason why I always look for the Raised By Canadian Farmer Logo. Dress your chicken up this month with @ChickenDotCA by using the hashtag #ChickenDotCA


🥑 Rice (1 cup, Basmati)

🥑 Chicken (breast, leftover)

🥑 Avocado (1 half, sliced)

🥑 Mayo (1/4 cup - divided)

🥑 Sriracha Sauce (1 Tbsp)

🥑 Seaweed Snack (per sushi)


🐓 First prepare your chicken salad by finely chopping up your chicken and adding 3 Tbsp of Mayo in a bowl. Next prepare your sriracha mayo by adding 3 Tbsp of mayo and the sriracha in a small bowl.

🐓 Now stack your chicken sushi in a cylinder by first adding your rice, seaweed snack, and chicken salad. Pull the cylinder off and dollop your sriracha mayo and top with half an avocado slice.

💃🏻 Let’s do the chicken dance for @chickendotca Raised By Canadian Chicken Farmers. 👁❤️🇨🇦🐓Search for the logo and if you don’t see it - ask your butcher and let them know it’s important to you 😉


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