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Smoked Chicken Whole | Smoked Chicken | Smoked Whole Chicken

Doing a smoked chicken whole is one of my favourite ways to do chicken. The crispy skin has a beautiful rich colour thanks to its smoked chicken. The inside is juicy and full of flavour. We did a loose onion/lemon stuffing for this smoked whole chicken to really bump up the flavour train. Chicken is NEVER dull in this house.

What makes this smoked chicken stand out? You don't have to get gritty and spatchcock your chicken. It's easy, and delicious. The buttery crust it creates, with a citrus savoury inside. Through and through it is a great juicy smoked whole chicken.

Smoked Chicken. Smoked Chicken Whole. Smoked Whole Chicken


Using my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier 1200, I set my pellet smoker to 275 degrees. I filled my hopper with Louisiana Grills, apple blend for this cook. I wanted a true smoked chicken, so for this smoked whole chicken recipe, we went low and slow, developing a nice smoke ring throughout the smoked chicken. Using a salt, pepper, Italian seasoning mixture on it as the rub.


PREP TIME: 15 Minutes

GRILL TIME: 1 Hour 30 Minutes - 1 Hour (Approximately)

GRILL TEMP: 275 Degrees


THE PREP The hardest part about doing a smoked chicken whole is all the prep. Watch my video as you see from beginning to end how to prep your smoked chicken.

1. DRY. Pat dry and bring the bird up to room temperature. This is a crucial part of prepping your smoked chicken. If it is wet and cold, the butter will not spread over the chicken.

2. WINGS. Tuck the wings of your smoked chicken. Using a little elbow power, you must tuck the wings under themselves. This prevents burning. See the video for detailed instructions. An alternative is to wrap aluminum foil around them.

3. STUFFING. DO NOT STUFF this bird. We are not spatchcocking this chicken, so I suggest NOT stuffing a smoked whole chicken. I loosely place lemon slices, rosemary sprigs, and onion (do not tightly pack) within the inside cavity.

4. BUTTER having your seasonings and butter at hand, evenly spread your room temperature butter over the entire smoked chicken. Use salt, pepper, Italian seasonings evenly over the smoked turkey. Place your turkey directly on the grill OR on a roasting pan to collect the drippings.

(Pro Tip: work at the bottom of your turkey first and then flip and do the top. Making your turkey picture perfect.)


This smoked chicken whole is so easy, once you have it prepped, the cook is really simple. First, set your smoker to 275 degrees. Then set your smoked turkey on a roasting pan to collect the drippings OR direction on the grill. No need for a water pan or spritzing. Set it and go! I used my Louisiana GrillsSMOKEIT app to keep an eye on the internal temperature of my turkey at all times. Once your smoked chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees, rest for 20 minutes, and then slice. Enjoy!!

It's wintery all and nothing says warming up like comfort chicken meals. November is #CozyChicken and @ChickenDotCA, my coop mates and I are sharing -all-in-chicken chicken meals to amp up the comfort, amp up the ease, and show you come flavourful all in one chicken meals.

@ChickenDotCA and I are going to show you this fall the best comfort recipes for your winter vibes. I choose to continue to look and ask for the Raised By Canadian Chicken Farmers Logo while shopping for my chicken, especially for this smoked whole chicken. It means that we are choosing our Country, our Farmers and our Families. They have a fantastic giveaway happening over at where you can win $5000 this month!! Go check it out.


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