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Christmas Tree Napkin | Napkin Folding Christmas | Napkin Folding Ideas

I have this distinct memory of me as a child, sitting at my cottage Christmas day with a red and green plaid napkin, folding 18 Christmas Tree Napkin's for the dinner table. Funny how back then I hated the task and now I'm just like my Mother. Teaching you how to create your very own Christmas Tree Napkin for your own table.

I've always loved napkin folding ideas. Creating pumpkins during the Thanksgiving Season (Click here for tutorial) and scary ghosts at Halloween. It creates fun table talk around with the family and guests.


Twig (broken into pieces)



Any standard fabric rectangular napkin will do.

1. Simply fold into a square.

2. Fold Each layer down leaving about 1/2" inch in between each layers.

3. Fold over each side, creating a Christmas tree like shape.

4. Tuck each point in, including the last layer.

5. With a twig from outside, use a small piece as the trunk.

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