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DIY Homemade Jerky is made easy with Pitboss Jerky Kits. With only three steps you are sure to have perfect smoked jerky. What does that mean? I'm looking for bright red smoked beef, translucent in colour, cartilage pulls when bent, and most importantly - CHEWY.


When choosing your meat for your smoked jerky recipe, you want very lean beef. I used "Eye Of The Round" but can also flank steak. Lean meat means picking a beef that has little or no visible fat marbling. The process of making smoked jerky is to essentially dry out your meat. Fat pockets or ribbons keep the meat moist in some areas and worse, burn your smoked jerky in the process.


SMOKER (I'm using my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200)

PITBOSS JERKY KITS (they come in, Sweet & Heat - Peppered - or Hickory)