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How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken | BBQ Whole Chicken | Raised By Canadian Chicken Farmers

Raised By Canadian Chicken Farmers Chicken tutorial of the month is: HOW TO CUT UP A WHOLE CHICKEN. I'm going to show you Step-By-Step how to remove each section: Legs, Drumsticks, Thighs, Spine, and Breasts in an easy way. Let's BBQ Whole Chicken by showing you how to cut up a whole chicken.


There are many reasons why you would cut up a whole chicken. It can be more cost-efficient by buying the whole thing, but you want to make a certain recipe and need to cut portions of it. You might want them spine for chicken stock for the soup you are making. You just might want to challenge yourself by learning how to cut up a whole chicken.


Canadian Chicken means so much to me. It gives me that peace of mind that I'm getting quality poultry AND supporting our local communities. Whenever I can't find that logo, I always ask my butcher, because it should be important to them too. Let's come together in the community by supporting local by supporting the logo.

When you support local Canadian Chicken Farmers it means a price you can trust. When supply meets demand it means balance. No spikes in prices and a stable community. Always look for that logo.


Pat your chicken dry. The drier your bbq whole chicken are the more crispier they will turn out. Coat evenly on all sides using your favourite poultry rub. I used "Sweet Heat" by Louisiana Grills.


Preheat your pellet grill to 300 degrees. Place your bbq whole chicken directly on the grill OR your favourite grill grate, and place it in your pellet smoker for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. You want a crispy internal temperature of 165 degrees.

!. Pat your BBQ Whole Chicken dry. You will have more control over your chicken.

2. LEG: Remove both legs by making a slit in the skin to expose the inside. Take the whole leg and bend it back, cracking the bone out. Use that bone as a guide as to where to cut down directly. You can cook this whole, or cut them separately into drumsticks and thighs.

3. DRUMSTICK / THIGH: Separate

4. WINGS: Remove the whole wing by feeling for the joint or drumstick. Holding the chicken up by the wing, let the chicken weight hang while you carve around the joint. Repeat on the other side. You can cook these whole or cut the drum and flat apart. (If you want an in-depth look at this, I've written another blog called, HOW TO CUT A CHICKEN WING - Click here to view). If you just cut down straight from where the drum is, it will cut smoothly. Remove and discard the wing tip (or you can use it in a soup stock along with your spine).

5. SPINE: Remove the spine by starting from the bottom and running your knife along each side of the spine. You can usually see it clearly from the outside. Save (or freeze for later) for beautiful chicken stock.

6. BREASTS: Using your palm, press down between both breast portions. You'll feel a crack. The cartilage between the two breasts is very soft and easy to cut.

There you have it, how to cut up a whole chicken with a 25-second video tutorial. It really is simple to do, will save your money at the grocery store, and make your family very happy.

I've been CHICKEN.CA Ambassador for over 3 years now. If you want more chicken recipes, chicken out the CHICKEN TAB (or click here) for all my recipe creations.

BBQ Whole Chicken.  How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

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