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Delicious Penne A La Vodka

Growing up, I basically lived at my best friends house. Being a traditional Italian family I became very familiar with their home cooked food. I feel in love with Italian food at a very early age. It is by far my favorite type of food. Pizza, pasta, ravioli, risotto, oh goodness I could go on. Here is my own spin on a classic Penne A La Vodka sauce recipe that my family requests any change they get. Ingredients - Pasta Sauce (1 can)

- Bacon (1/2 package, chopped)

- Cream (1/2 cup Whipped cream)

- Onion (1 large, diced)

- Garlic (5 cloves)

- Italian Seasoning (1 1/2 Tbsp)

- Paprika (1 Tbsp)

- Basil (1/2 Tbsp)

- Salt and Pepper (to taste) - Vodka (3/4 of a cup) Directions 1. Dice onions and chop bacon and put in a large frying pan. Cook until bacon and onions are cooked. Leave fat from bacon in. (used instead of a olive oil base) 2. Add all spices and vodka and stir. Make sure you boil out the alcohol from the vodka for a minimum of 5 minutes. 3. Add the pasta sauce and simmer for 30 minutes up to a maximum of an hour. 4. Boil desired pasta as per their instructions. Bon Appetite.


Hey if your interested follow along in this blogging/Vlog journaling journey with me. I'm Kara. Stay at home mom, wife of 3 years, foodie, photographer, Etsy shop owner, DIY fanatic, and mental health advocate. Like, follow, and comment to support!! @ScaleAndTailor BLOG @ScaleAndTailorDESIGNS @ScaleAndTailorPhotography #Cooking #WhatsForDinner #CookingRecipes #CookingVideo #CookingVideos #Recipe #Recipes #RecipeBlog #FoodBlog #FoodBlogger #RecipeVideo #Food #Foodie #Foodies #Foodporn #Foodgasm #FoodVidoes #RecipeIdeas #DinnerIdeas #Cooking101 #PenneALaVodka #Yummy #MealsKidsLove #KidsMeals #KidFriendlyMeals #RecipeBlog #ItalianFoodporn #ItalianFood #ItalianFoodBloggers #ItalianRecipes


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