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Chefs Plate Holiday Meal Kit

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

How does, "Holiday Turkey & Apple-Bacon Stuffing with Thyme Gravy, Parmesan-Chive Mash, Honey Butter Brussel Sprouts SOUND? Sure, that was a mouth full to say and also to eat. But wait, for the first time ever, @ChefPlate has added a dessert Item. A Brown Butter Fudge Brownie with Flaky Salt. A complete HOLIDAY MEAL KIT, delivered fresh to your door, portioned (large) for your family.


This Christmas is going to be the first without my big crazy family. It seems so daunting to make a huge feast for my small family. Let @ChefsPlate make it easy for you with their step by step instructed, complete Holiday Meal Kit. You are able to order November 29th till December 16, 2020 to make it to your table in time for the holidays.


I also want to add how fun this was to make. As a Chef, you tend to stay in your own lane with your own favorite ingredients and recipes. It was nice to taste some new twists on some classic recipes. New flavors and ingredients I don't usually use. It was refreshing and absolutely delicious.

These Holiday Meal Kits are Available to Order From November 29th to December 16th 2020. For more information please Visit Chefs Plate (Click Here)


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