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Halloween Theme Board | Halloween Food

I Put A Spell On You - with this fun Halloween Theme Board. I went with an all Halloween Food colour on this Halloween theme board. Pops of Orange from the smoked chicken thighs. Purple Cabbage as brains. Smoked orange butternut squash. Don't forget these fun Prosciutto Wrapped Oreos.

Halloween Food does not have to be traditional. You can think outside the box, create what you family enjoys to eat, with all the fun colours. This year with Covid, Stay home and create a fun Halloween Theme Board your family can enjoy. Here is what is on my board.

HALLOWEEN THEME BOARD - Smoked Green and Red Peppers

- Prosciutto Wrapped Oreos - Green Jalapenos - Smoked Butternut Squash

- Orange Butter Chicken Thighs

- Purple (Brain) Cabbage - Prosciutto Wrapped Jalapeno

- Smoked Garlic Everything you see here is smoked on my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. Fueled with Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets. Use "ScaleAndTailor10" for 10% off pellets.

I'm always inspired by the wonderful @FosterFeasts food boards and hope this one only comes close to impressing her.


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