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Prosciutto Wrapped Oreos | Halloween Food Ideas

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When Witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween. Prosciutto wrapped Oreos with a twist into Yummy Mummy's as a new Halloween Food Idea.

@QueenOfTheGrill came up with bacon wrapped Oreos that broke the internet. To claim her heir to the throne she wanted to take it one step further with the idea of PROSCIUTTO WRAPPED OREOS. This Mommy went FULL blown Mummy with this idea. Check out @QueenOfTheGrill today to check out her creation.

Halloween Food Ideas almost come easy to be. Everyone loves little sweet and savory treats and creating little mummies with fun eye balls (I melted mini marshmellows and stuck a chocolate chip cookie in the middle). For this Halloween Food Idea, the theme of black, yellow, orange is how I created this food plating.

Bacon wrapped Oreos were all the rage this fall and what better treat then with a CRUNCHY version like Prosciutto wrapped Oreos. Here is how they are made:


🍪 Dark Chocolate Oreos

🍪 @share_mastro Proscuitto, rolled and twisted

🍪 Mini Marshmellow, slighted melted with

🍪@hersheyschipitscanada Chocolate Chips (for the eyeballs)


🍫 Pre heat @louisinagrills 325 F.

🍫 Roll and Twist prosciutto length wise.

🍫 Wrap each Oreo with twist of prosciutto. DON’T wrap too tight as the prosciutto will shrink and tighten up.

🍫 Place prosciutto wrapped Oreos on a lined baking rack. Seam down.

🍫 Grill about 20-30 min or until the prosciutto is to your liking.

🍫 Cut each pretzel stick in half.

🍫 Let cool about 10 minutes.

🍫 Microwave mini marshmellows for 15 seconds and stick a chocolate chip in the middle to look like eyes.

🍫 Place your candy eye balls on top of each Oreo.

@LouisianaGrills Black Label @PitmastersChoicePellets Fruit Blend

@Share_Mastro Prosciutto


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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2020

This sound like a fun treat

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