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Maple Dijon Glaze Recipe | Ham Glaze Recipes | Maple Glaze Recipe

Nothing screams a Canadian Ham during the holidays like a Maple Dijon Glaze Recipe. This ham glaze recipe is ooey, gooey, good. It is not just a Maple Glaze Recipe, but add Dijon mustard and it gives it a perfect tang.

With this recipe I've use Carrick Bros Maple Syrup. 100% pure organic Maple Syrup from our Algonquin maple. You however can use any Maple syrup you have on hand. I find when you boil maple syrup, becomes this perfect consistency to hang on meat without running right off. Easy is the name of the game when it comes to this Maple Dijon Glaze recipe. With only 5 ingredients, 10 minutes of your time, you have a perfect maple glaze recipe to base and top your ham with. Go ahead, impress the heck out of your guests with this one.

THE GOODS Maple Syrup (2 Cup - I used Carrick Bros Maple Syrup) Dijon Mustard (1/2 cup) Garlic (4 Cloves, minced)

Pepper (2 tsp)

Paprika (1 Tbsp) Maple Walnut Rub (1/2 Tbsp - Optional, by Louisiana Grills)

DIRECTIONS In a medium sauce pan, add all ingredients and bring to a boil for approximately 5 minutes. The longer you boil it for, the thicker the glaze will become. Let it set and thicken in the fridge for 5 minutes before using. Base your ham or pour over at the end, use it on chicken or pork. This beautiful Maple Dijon Glaze recipe is so versatile you'll be using it on everything.


Maple Dijon Glaze Recipe. Ham Glaze Recipe. Maple Glaze Recipe
Maple Dijon Glaze Recipe

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