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Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle Review | How To Season Your Pit Boss Grills Ultimate Griddle

My Griddle Is Better Than Yours and I'll prove it. Let's reveal the new Ultimate Griddle that's hit my backyard BBQ this season. In this Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle Review you will learn all the bells and whistles it all comes with. You will also learn, How To Season Your Pit Boss Grills Ultimate Griddle.

Now before you come at me, let me explain. Does your griddle have..... A Ceramic Top? Easy clean up with soapy paper towel? Bottle Opener? Paper Towel Holder? Trash Can Holder? Propane Cover? Lift Off Capabilities For Travel?

Clearly loving my new Ultimate Griddle from Pit Boss Grills. Are you adding to your backyard BBQ gear this spring? If so, I'd love to know what your filling it up with.

With this Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle review you get it all. What is better than a ceramic top. It has such a none-stick surface, making it easy to griddle anything you can lay your hands on. Clean up with soap and water and you have zero dishes to do. Relax with a cold one with their bottle opener. I think one of the most genius part of this griddle is the paper towel holder. So handy even when I'm on my other grills. I am also always about the astetics of things. I love the propane cover that just ties it all together. We travel alot, so the lift off capabilities is KEY for our summer adventures. There really is so many bells and whistles when it comes to this ultimate griddle.


In the shortest of answers for you... you don't. That is the great part of the Pit Boss Grills Ultimate griddle. With your ceramic top, non-stick surface, no need to season your griddle like other cast iron griddles. What is also so awesome is just how easy it is to clean. HOW TO CLEAN YOUR PIT BOSS GRILLS ULTIMATE GRIDDLE?

I love easy routes. Have handy a glass of water, some soap, and paper towel (with their convenient

PIT BOSS ULTIMATE GRIDDLE REVIEW I've had this Pit Boss Grills Ultimate griddle in my backyard for just over 1 month now. I've used it about 3 times per week. My honest opinion, I love it. I really love the ascetics of it. It looks great in my backyard and always impresses my guests.

It doesn't just look good, but it is so easy to cook on. With their ceramic top, its smooth slick surface makes it a breeze to grill on. I've even grilled cheese crisps right on it, with ease. Being able to be outside with my kids while cooking just makes my life so much easier. This Pit Boss Ultimate griddle review is positive, I wish I had something bad to say, but I don't. It is that amazing.

Once your done griddling, clean up is all in one fun. Water and soap, with their scrapper, and its done. You don't have a sink full of dishes, you just have one big dish to clean. Your Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle.


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