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Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends | Brisket Burnt Ends Recipe | Brisket Burnt Ends

I love smoking brisket, mainly because I LOVE smoked brisket burnt ends. Brisket burnt ends are the tip of the flat of the brisket, and any real mainly bark portions cuts. Those crispy, full bodied flavored, moist bite size pieces that are great on their own. Making a Brisket Burnt Ends recipe by smothering them in BBQ sauce and caramelizing it while infusing it with smoke, yet again. DREAMS.

Here is how I smoked brisket burnt ends on my Louisiana Grills Black Label 1200. Using my left over brisket burnt ends, I put them in a dish where they did not overcrowd. Drenched my favourite BBQ sauce Bulls Eye Sweet & Sticky (approximately 3/4 cup).

Preheated my Louisiana Grills Pellet Smoker to 350 degrees. Using Pitmasters Choice Premium Pellets, Gourmet Blend, (Use "ScaleAndTailor10" for 10% off at checkout). You really only need to heat and caramelize the sauce to the beef burnt ends. This takes about 30 minutes and its ready to eat. Easy smoked brisket burnt ends.



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