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Brisket Flat Burnt Ends. Smoked Brisket Flat Burnt Ends.

Brisket Flat Burnt Ends. THE BEST way to do brisket flat burnt ends. Let's make these brisket flat burnt ends together @ScaleAndTailor I don't know about you, but brisket burnt ends are one of my favorite bites of BBQ. With bark on each bite, smothered in a tender juicy caramelized BBQ sauce Mmmmmm. I love using a brisket flat to go straight into burnt ends. It is the leaner part of your brisket, and in my opinion, always needs a little extra love and care. It is usually less expensive when cut this way and you are not grilling up a whole packer brisket that would feed a football team. Let's get into this smoked brisket flat burnt end recipe.


CHARCOAL - I used Charcoal Chariots XL Lump Charcoal ALUMINUM PAN / FOIL GRILL GRATE for PAN


Brisket Flat Mustard Beef Rub Butter (3 Tbsp) BBQ Sauce

INSTRUCTIONS Fire up your Pit Boss Grills Champion Barrel smoker to 300 degrees. Prepare your brisket flat to hit the grill by spreading an even coat of mustard and then beef rub all over your brisket flat. Place onto your aluminum grated pan with about 1" of water on the bottom. This will keep your brisket flat moist.

Smoke until an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Remove your brisket flat and cut into 2" cubes. Remove the grate from your pan, and place the brisket cubes down into your pan. Add 3-4 pads of butter and smother in BBQ sauce. Cover with aluminum foil and place back onto the grill. Your BBQ sauce will caramelize and tenderize your brisket flat burnt ends. I used my Meat Swadl to rest the whole pan for 1 hour. Enjoy

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Smoked Brisket Flat Burnt Ends

Hey I'm Kara. The BBQ Mom. WANT MORE DAILY? JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM (30k) - @ScaleAndTailor Click Here Want more information on this Pit Boss Grills Champion Barrel Smoker? I've written a complete overview here: Pit Boss Grills Champion Review | Pit Boss Grills Barrel

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Christine John
Christine John
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