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Canadian Food | Beaver Tail Dessert | Canadian Poutine | Canadian Bacon

Canadian Food Groups, Canadian Bacon, Canadian Poutine, and Beaver Tail Desserts. Just kidding, but not really. Here in Canada, we take our Canadian Food seriously. Go to any fair or concert and you will find all of the following.

We are celebrating Canada Day in Style by taking over Louisiana Grills social media platforms by bringing you this EPIC ALL GRILLED CANADIAN FOOD SPREAD. Check us out HERE or read on for fun recipes and videos from the day.

Canadian Food. Canadian Bacon, Beaver Tail Dessert. Canadian Poutine

Beaver Tail Dessert is a Canadian Favorite. You'll find it at every fair or concert or amusement park. It is a fried pastry covered in your favourite toppings but traditionally a cinnamon/sugar mixture.

This Beaver Tail Recipe has been one of my all-time most-read recipes on my site, so you know the recipe is spot on Beaver Tail Dessert. Making Canadian Bacon weave to nestle the Canadian Poutine - EH that's Canadian Food.

In this recipe, I'll show you set by step how you can make this on your STOVE or right on your GRILL.


For this Canadian Food Recipes - I brought my A-game. I did a bacon weave cone to perfectly nestled my Canadian Poutine. Doesn't get any more Canadian than that.

Check out my video explaining how I made an aluminum foil cone to wrap a bacon weave around to make a cone (PRO TIP: Overlap you seem of the bacon as it will shrink when smoking)

We also smoked our frozen fries and gravy right on my Founders Premier Grill by Louisiana Grills.


Canadian Food is always red and white. We did red and white wings using "Sweet Heat" and "Black Truffle" rubs by Louisiana Grills. To make the white wings extra white, we did a garlic parmesan sauce. FOR ALL THE WING INFORMATION PLEASE CHECK OUT @QUEENOFTHEGRILL

Hope you enjoyed this Canadian Food spread. Please check out Louisiana Grills Instagram for Canada Day as we take over and have some fun on the grill. Canada Food + Beaver Tail Dessert + Canadian Poutine + Canadian Bacon = LOVE


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