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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I'm going outside my recipe box and giving you a round tiny cast iron Apple Pie. I had leftover pie filling and knew I could make the cutest little apple pie for my little guy to enjoy. I'm taking this no recipe photo to shred some fun food photography and styling tips.

Food Photography Tips is how we all get better at our craft. Sharing little tips and tricks on how to have the best food photography make us better, one article at a time, one picture at a time. I use Abobe Photoshop Lightroom which can be purchased (and I well suggest the one time fee). For a general preset I use the "Vibrance" and "Saturation" in develop mode to control my colour settings within the photo.


Food tends to be neutral colour; browns, beiges, whites. If you lucky your dish has a bright shade of red pepper, green pickle, purple cabbage, but chances are you are not always going to be that fortunate. That does not mean you shouldn't capture that certain food or dish to have the best food photography. Use your dishware, small props, dish towels, florals, to really POP that photo.

In this particle shot of the apple pie, I'm highlighting the GREEN apple (to help give the illusion that there is apple pie filling in the pie without having to say it. I ran with green and added the dish towel. Food photography tips doesn't aways have to be elaborate.

Some of my best food photography comes simply just comes from a vision. The thought of french toast breakfast board, white sesame seeds on bright red chicken drumsticks, or a comfy morning with a newspaper and sweet breakfast and coffee (the current vision).

The fun part of this shoot is I knew I wanted a newspaper. I wanted this shot to feel like a Sunday morning paper, with a sweet dessert and coffee. Cool, fresh, yet comforting. How cool is it that my husband knew he had an old local paper from over 20 years ago (SO COOL).


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