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Lady Grillers | International Womens Day | Women Empowering Women

I'm K A R A and I am She/Her Who G R I L L S


I am powerful. I am talented. I am beautiful. I will never apologize for the woman I have grown to love so much. She's one Bad Bish. If you were to tell me one year ago that I would be slaying in a male-dominated BBQ industry.... well I wouldn't have believed you. This fire within me - a passion so strong that no one could put that flame out. Before you go doubt yourself - TRY IT! You can do absolutely ANYTHING you put your mind to. Trust me, girl.



and I am so proud of the women that I surround myself with. We fix each other's crowns (or grill grates) without even letting the world know they were crooked #InternationalWomensDay #LadyGrillers

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08 Mar 2021

Celebrate women’s day you are a very talented and beautiful woman... with and outstanding smile!

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