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Smoked Pork Panko Chicken

The Best Chicken Recipes, Pork Panko Chicken
Pork Panko Recipes

Doesn't this look fried? @PorkPanko, you have won my heart. This breading alternative with a great melt in your mouth taste of pork is amazing. Coated in Krafts Caesar dressing first and then smothered in pork panko. . Setting my @LouisianaGrills smoker to 350 degrees, I put these chicken legs directly on the grill for approximately 1 hour or until 175 degrees internal temperature. Tip: Do not flip chicken. For a fried chicken sort of look.


Smoker @LouisianaGrills Pellets @PitmastersChoicePellets Breading @PorkPanko

Dressing @Kraft


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Looks great. I will try it.

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