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Some Go Wine Tasting, Others Go BBQ Rub Tasting | BBQ Quotes | Food Quotes

"Some Go Wine Tasting, Others Go BBQ Rub Tasting" is what I said when Louisiana Grills sent me their complete new line of BBQ Rubs and Seasonings. From top to bottom they have covered every aspect of grilling and all I'd ever need. I like it spicy, while my kids don't. They have you covered. Their bottles fit perfectly in my hand (not too big and not too small), making it easy to control. So are you Bougie and get Woozie? or are you Club and go BBQ Rub?

I've always loved food quotes to brighten your day. Whenever I'm standing in my kitchen and slurring something to my husband just he laughs so hard. I began writing them down as he said I really need to start sharing these BBQ quotes. Food quotes, have always come easy to me because of my obsession with food and laughing, they are my favourite.

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