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Stuffed STUFFING Chicken | An Easter Alternative

The Best Stuffed Chicken Recipe

You don't have all your family coming over for Easter dinner this year because of #SocialDistancing. You don't want to make a huge turkey feast, but still want to make it special? I got you!! Bringing a bird and stuffing to your table without all the fuss. This stuffed stuffing chicken will sure to please all your Easter cravings - #StayAtHome style.

I've partnered up with @LouisianaGrills to create a virtual potluck Easter dinner. Where everyone shares what they'll bring virtually for the big day. Let's come together and share what you made by using the hashtag #PelletGrillPotluck and join in on the fun.


Chicken Breasts (4 tenderized)

Asparagus (8 stalks) BBQ (optional) Salt and Pepper (to taste) Toothpicks Stuffing Mixture Sausage (mild or spicy, 2 links gutted) Bread (5 slices) Garlic ( 2 cloves, minced) Egg (1 beaten) Salt and Pepper (to taste) Sage (dried, 1 tsp) Savory (dried, 1/2 tsp) Thyme (dried, 1/4 tsp)

Directions: 1. Preheat smoker to 300 degrees. Tenderize each piece of chicken breast to 1/2" thickness. Salt and Pepper each side. 2. Make the stuffing mixture by adding all stuffing ingredients to a medium sized bowl. Mix thoroughly. 3. Build your stuffed chicken. Lay your chicken on a clean flat service. Place 2 pieces of asparagus in the middle of the chicken breast. Add a thin layer of stuffing. Roll up and secure with toothpicks. Repeat with all 4 chicken breasts. 4. Place stuffed chicken breast directly onto your grill. Smoke for 1 hours at 300 degrees. Turn up heat to 400 degrees for the last 30 minutes. (Optional, brush with BBQ sauce for the remaining 30 minutes)



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