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Butcher Paper vs. Foil | Pitboss Grills Butcher Paper for Smoking

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Trying to decide whether or not you think Butcher Paper for smoking is worth the investment? Go no farther. I've done it both ways, and I'm here to say, ITS WORTH IT! It helps keep your meat from drying out and keeps your beautiful bark all put together. There are too many pros to the peach or pink paper as some like to call it. Here is the scoop:

Butcher Paper for Smoking

DO I HAVE TO USE BUTCHER PAPER? To answer quickly, no. When using butcher paper for smoking, aluminium foil, or parchment paper, they will all get the job done with slightly different results. There are certainly more pros to using butcher paper than all else.

Butcher Paper Vs. Foil

DID YOU KNOW: How "Butcher Paper" name originated, when an BBQ industry salesman began selling the paper to butchers for wrapping and storing meats.

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Butcher Paper is porous, when using butcher paper for smoking, your meat can breath throughout the process. Smoke is then able to still penetrate the paper and meat. When you use foil, the smoking process ends when you wrap your meat. With butcher paper, steam is able to release. Your precious crust that took so long to achieve will not get soggy and ruin. The natural fats will soak the butcher paper, leaving enough moisture to keep your meat extra juicy.

Is Butcher Paper Recyclable?

IS BUTCHER PAPER AND PARCHMENT PAPER THE SAME? No! Parchment paper has a thin wax. You are still able to use parchment paper, but the natural fats from your meat will not penetrate the paper and less smoke will penetrate into the meat after wrapping. It is referred to as the Texas Crutch. It allows for more bark foundation cause it keep the beef more moist.

IS BUTCHER PAPER RECYCLABLE? After your cook is done and your sitting here with some paper mound on your counter, your wondering, is butcher paper recyclable? Yes, when using butcher paper for smoking, it is recyclable! So when choosing butcher paper vs. foil, Eco friendly paper that is easily broken down is the way to go.

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