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How To Smoked A Ham | Smoked Ham Recipe | Sweet and Sour Glaze Recipe

Think this smoked ham recipe looks good? WELL, IT IS!! This double-smoked ham with a sweet and sour glaze recipe will not only make your ham look stunning, but it will also send their taste buds flying. How to smoke a ham - the EASY WAY.

When I think about the holidays, no matter who hosts there is always a Ham on the table. It is a staple for a reason - its so good. Shock your guests with a twist with this smoked ham recipe. I promise it will be amazing, especially with the sweet and sour glaze recipe.

WHAT IS HAM? "Ham" means a pre-cured, smoked piece of pork. When you pick up anything labelled, ham at a grocery store is tenderized from the curing process and has a beautiful pink hue due to its brined pigments.

WHAT PART OF THE PIG IS THE HAM? When you are referring to bone-in, pre-cut, sits on your dining room table for the holidays kind of ham, and not for breakfast. Smoked Ham is the hind leg of a pig and why there is a bone. You can special order a none cured or smoked ham from a butcher and do the whole process yourself OR you can follow this smoked ham recipe tutorial.


Double-smoked ham is a store-bought pre-smoked ham that is then, smoked again. Often sealed with a glaze. We used a Sweet and Sour Glaze recipe but you can use any other. I seal my double-smoked ham after an hour of it being in my smoker as it seals it in and semi-stops the smoking process of the pork.

WANT A DIFFERENT GLAZE? Easy, you can base your ham from its own juices OR use honey, maple syrup, or even apple juice. Sweet is the name of the game with Ham and compliments any smoked ham recipe perfectly. I also have a MAPLE DIJON GLAZE RECIPE - CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

smoked ham recipe.  how to smoke a ham


1. A Smoker. I'm using my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier pellet grill.

2. A Baster. Whether you use a mop or suction tube, it does the job.

3. Pellets. I used Pit Boss Grills Apple Pellets


Ham (pre-cured, smoked or not smoked)

Rub (Optional, I used Louisiana Grills, Sweet Heat)


Brown Sugar (1/4 cup)

Pineapple Juice (1 cup)

Ketchup (1/3 cup)

Corn Starch (1 Tbsp)

Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp)

Apple Cider Vinegar (1/4 cup)

Red Food Colouring (1-2 drops, optional)

DIRECTIONS: Preheat your smoker to 300 degrees. First, start this smoked ham recipe by scoring your ham both vertically and horizontally. This is optional but I do it because it adds more flavour and it looks beautiful once cooked. Next, coat your whole ham evenly with your favorite rub, I used Louisiana Grills Sweet Heat. It is well-balanced and has a beautiful color.

For an 8-10lb Ham, it will usually take approximately 2 hours to full smoke/cook. Always use a meat thermometer when smoking as you go by the internal temperature of the pork and not time. You're looking for an internal temperature of 145 °F.

After approximately an hour of smoking, seal your ham with a glaze to semi-stop the smoking process. Since your ham is already smoked, this balances all the flavors. Next, build a beautiful sweet and sour glaze base. Combine all your ingredients of the sweet and sour glaze to a cast iron and place on your grill.

Glaze your smoked ham every 20 minutes by basing it with the sweet and sour glaze recipe for the remainder of the cook till an internal temperature of 145 °F. If you have any extra glaze pour over your smoked ham recipe. Rest for a few minutes before slicing and Enoy!

Enjoy that beautiful ooey gooey, double-smoked ham with that beautiful sweet and sour glaze recipe with your family around the dinner table.

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how to smoke a ham. smoked ham recipe

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