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Pork shoulder steaks are sometimes referred to as "Pork Steaks", "Boston Butts" or "Pork Blade Steaks". They are 1 - 1 1/2" slices from the pork shoulder portion of pork. With great flavour and amazing marbling, these reverse sear pork shoulder steaks will win over any pork lover in your life.

WHAT IS REVERSE SEAR? Reverse sear pork shoulder steaks are when you first smoke them low and slow on your pellet until your desired temperature. Then sear to seal in all the flavours of your pork shoulder steaks and get that amazing charred pieces that I love so much.

Why did we do a reverse sear pork shoulder steaks and not just grill them hot and fast? I know when I received my first pellet grill, it changed the way I looked at pork. The way pork takes on smoke and transforms it into such flavourful meat is always the way to go. I treated this recipe as I would normally when I do smoke a pork shoulder whole - minus reverse searing it.

Follow along as you I show you exactly how to do grill your pork shoulder steaks directly on your pellet grill of choice. Reverse seak pork shoulder steaks will be your go-to meal any day of the week.

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