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Shakshuka with Quail Eggs | Quail Eggs Recipe | Quail Eggs Benefits

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The delicacy of Quail Eggs is becoming widely available for the everyday chef to use and enjoy. I was so excited to dip (pun intended) my toast into this Quail Eggs Recipe - SHAKSHUKA style. Not only is this Quail Eggs Recipe full of flavour but the benefits of Quail Eggs classify them as a superfood.

I support my local farmers and always look for Spring Creek Quail Farm eggs. Farmed in Saint Anns Ontario and widely available across Ontario and some parts of British Columbia and Alberta. With places such as Metro, Fortinos, Whole Foods and many other grocery locations to choose from, CLICK HERE to check the closest location near you.


Quail Eggs are little charming eggs cherished by foodies as they picture so delicately. They are 1/3 the size (or 3-4) of a regular size egg but jammed packed full of nutrients, minerals and are high in protein and good fat. Quail Eggs have approximately 15 calories per egg but their huge yolks that contain beautiful antioxidants making them a SUPERFOOD. TASTE OF QUAIL EGGS I found Quail Eggs to taste a lot like a chicken egg, smaller and orange yolk heavy as it has a large yummy yolk. They have large egg yolk to egg white ratio making them creamy.


For this Quail Eggs Recipe, I wanted to showcase and contrast the quail eggs with a bright colour. Shakshuka (pronounced, Shuck-Shoe-Kah) is eggs poached in a tomato sauce. It's a dish originating in Israel and popular in Palestinian cuisine.

INGREDIENTS: Quail Eggs (I used Spring Creek Quail Farm Eggs)

Tomatoes (1 can, stewed) Red Pepper (1/2, finely diced) Onion (1 medium, finely diced)

Garlic (1 cloves, sliced) Olive Oil (3 Tbsp)

Cumin (1 tsp) Paprika (2 tsp)

Chili Powder (1/4 tsp)

Salt (1 tsp)

Pepper (1 tsp)

Sugar (a pinch, to reduce acidity) Parsley (to garnish) Bread or Baguette (optional to dip)

DIRECTIONS: (Video Below) In a large frying pan, heat up the olive oil and add the onions, red pepper and garlic on a medium high heat. Saute until the onions begin to look translucent. Then add your spices: cumin, paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper. Stir for approximately 1 minute or until fragrant. You want to do this to really bring out the bold flavours within the spices.

Add your stewed tomatoes and simmer, stirring occasionally for approximately 10 minutes or until the sauce begins to thicken. Once you notice the sauce begins to really thicken, with a spoon, make little holes within the sauce to place your Spring Creek Quail Eggs. This helps them have a bed for the egg to sit in, instead of spreading unevenly over the sauce.


Quail Eggs have sort of a thick membrane within the shell. I found it easiest to not be shy and just go for it. They might look small and dainty, but there is no need to handle them gently. I cracked like a regular egg, pierced with my nail, as I would a regular egg, and laid each egg in its pocket of tomato sauce.

Cover your frying pan for 5 minutes and then uncover ensuring you cook your quail eggs to your desired runniness. I cooked mine, 5 minutes covered, and 5 minutes uncovered on a medium-high heat. Garnish with parsley or feta cheese and eat with fresh or toasted baguette. A great Vegetarian meal to indulge in.


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