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Inside Out Chicken Lollipops | Recipe for Chicken Drumsticks | BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Inside out chicken lollipops! SAY WHAT!!! you heard correctly. These BBQ chicken drumsticks are inverted so they stand absolutely perfect on your grill without any support. The recipe for chicken drumsticks is simple and yet so delicious. They will impress your guests and family easily as they look like nothing you have ever made before.


Why not? They have the perfect handle to chop on these bbq chicken drumsticks. No getting your hands dirty with the rub or sauce you have on them. They also balance perfectly with no assistance right on your grill. Coat with a great poultry rub and slop on your favourite sauce, and it's a recipe for chicken drumsticks you will always go for.

BBQ chicken drumsticks. recipe for chicken drumsticks.  Inside Out Chicken Lollipops

Whenever I'm choosing my chicken, I want to choose quality. That's why I always ensure it's raised by Canadian chicken farmers, by searching for the logo. By supporting Canadian chicken, you ensure that the chicken you buy at your local supermarket receives the highest standards of care and gets raised safely. Not only is it quality, but we are supporting our economy and our own Canadian farmers. Did you know that they secure 78,000 jobs in Canada and are mostly family-owned farms? I know that makes me feel good when looking for that logo.

**They are giving away $5000.00 on their website over at and continually always find ways to give back to Canada**

Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with different cuts of chicken. Normally like white chicken? chicken breasts? Try chicken thighs or chicken drumsticks- they are delicious.



Pellet Grill (I used my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier, pellet grill)

Pellets (I used, Apple Blend by Louisiana Grills)

BBQ Chicken Thighs. Recipe for chicken thighs.


Preheat your pellet grill to 275 degrees. I used my Louisiana Grills Founders Premier pellet grill. Next, prepare your chicken drumsticks by using a sharp knife and cutting around the stem to remove them. This is called a "lollipop" chicken (for more of a visual, see instruction video below). Then you want to slide your knife down into the body of the chicken drumsticks, making four slices. This makes it easier to turn the chicken drumsticks - inside out.

Once all your inside out chicken lollipops are prepared. Use your favourite poultry seasoning and coat on all sides evenly. I used "Maple Walnut" by Louisiana Grills. Now, these BBQ chicken drumsticks are ready to hit your grill.

This recipe for chicken drumsticks requires you to place your inside out chicken lollipops directly onto your grill. You want an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees. Since they are dark meat, they are more forgiving and can be cooked slightly higher if desired. Once cooked, you can sauce them with your favourite BBQ sauce or leave them as I did. Enjoy!!


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